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Phlogiston theory and complex numbers

At the beginning of XVIII century the theory of phlogiston appeared in chemistry and explained the process of burning the presence of "a fiery substance" to combustibles. It was believed that when the material is burned, it disappears from the phlogiston. For its time it was the most advanced theory, the first theory in the history of chemistry, through which chemicals become a science.

In the development of this theory, there was such a paradox: in chemical experiments on calcination have found that scale weighs more than the metal itself. Instead, that would decrease the mass scale increases when the metal is released phlogiston. Here come to the aid of physics mathematics with its negative numbers. The logic was clear - if there are positive and negative numbers, so there is a positive and negative mass. The theory of phlogiston recorded that phlogiston has negative mass, which is confirmed by experiments - negative weight of phlogiston leaves the metal and enters the air, resulting in a positive mass scale increases.

Thanks to the work of Antoine Lavoisier was digging the role of oxygen in the combustion process and replaced the phlogiston theory came the oxygen theory of combustion. In the new theory, the increase in mass scale was explained in the positive numbers: the weight of the metal added weight of oxygen from the air, resulting in a mass scale increases. That's so simple and effective negative numbers were expelled from chemistry. Because of this, today we enjoy the benefits of chemistry in the form in which they exist.

But physics lurking different fate. Where did the complex numbers? From the same place there was a weight of phlogiston - of negative numbers. This is the common parent of the two theories are even conduct DNA analysis is not necessary. Why is this? To understand this, one must look at the history of mathematics.


Complex numbers

Complex numbers we we will not examine now with you. If you need to understand complex numbers, take textbooks, swarm in the Internet - information is enough there. I now do not want to engage in complex numbers.

If you want to know my personal opinion about complex numbers, then I will say that all of it is nonsense. On one mathematical forum I read a request about the help of some physicist. He writes there, that he succeeded to decide some equations in an eightmeasure complex space. Now he had a question, as got decision from an eightmeasure complex space to translate in ordinary space. Was it so desirable to say him: "And what fool compels you to decide it in complex space? Do not climb in complex spaces, and you will not have to return back"!

For me the weightiest argument in behalf on fabulosity of complex numbers is circumstance that in all history of existence of complex numbers not a single mathematician got the salary in complex numbers.

I consider that complex numbers are a first-ever virtual game for adults. Game it so pleased all, that in her with enthusiasm play until now. If to look at complex numbers from the point of view of Code of criminal procedure, then this will be an usual swindle. Сomplex numbers can be named a scale swindle in history of science. Notice, we thought of a rule about that, whatever ignorance of law releases from responsibility. I will add from itself, that the laws of mathematics I do not consider an exception. "One law for all" - is mathematics. "One law for all, except me and I will say, to whom the action of law does not spread yet" - it all other.

Due to existence of complex numbers in that nobody understands nothing, mathematicians occupy the same position today, what in ancient times was occupied by priests. Only mathematicians are known all secrets of complex numbers and only mathematicians know that it is needed to do with these complex numbers.

The not last role in development of imaginaries was played by the bureaucratic system. When nobody of simple people understands nothing, they can talk whatever. So hypercomplex numbers appeared. If you want to succeed in the bureaucratic system, then imaginaries for you are the real treasure. You easily can think of some super-puper-bam-trah-plus hypercomplex number. Thus every new prefix to the complex numbers gives an opportunity to write practically an infinite amount to nobody not clear dissertations and to get for it real, but not complex, money. Then you to the pension will teach other that in what understand nothing. All very simply. An even talking parrot can be taught to pronounce mathematical determinations. Any train animal is able to execute certain actions in a certain sequence. People yield to training much better of any animal, therefore they handle complex numbers so adroitly.

Complex numbers are an example that can turn out, if problem to decide not correctly. Those problems that mathematicians decide in relative stem of coordinates with the use of complex numbers must decide in the absolute system of coordinates, where complex numbers can not arise up in principle, as there are not negative numbers from that it was possible to extract a root square and to get an complex number. Search these decisions and you them will find necessarily. Transport companies perfectly managed with the decision of similar problem, in a difference from mathematicians. Whatever direction you went in, in direct or reverse, you always pay and never pay to you, even if you countermarch. I think that in the future expression "complex numbers" will be used approximately in the same sense, in what we today apply expression "three whale". For example, if a student will go out to the board and will say "I can not decide" it, a teacher him will advise "You enter complex numbers".

We will look now, where complex numbers appeared from. Show to me those real circumstances mathematical description of that results in appearance of equation

x² + 1 = 0

I can dream up. We it admits, someone printed great symbols on the sheet of paper equation in that a sign costs minus. With this sheet he went for a walk on a zoo and by chance dropped a sheet check to the monkey. A monkey heaved up this sheet, conducted on it the dirty finger. On a clean chance this dirty finger converted a sign minus in a sign plus. A monkey looked on the got result, thought: "Nonsense some, in jungles such equations are not" and threw out this sheet from a cage. At this time by a cage with a monkey a mathematician passed and picked up an ill-starred sheet. "What interesting equation" - a mathematician thought and began him to decide. Imaginaries appeared as a result of decision. Told a story fully applies on realisticness, but to mathematics she has no relation.

Think, I clear enough expounded the point of view on complex numbers. I hope, nobody of believing in existence complex numbers will begin to consider this article as insult of feelings of believers. You can believe in whatever: in God, in Devil or in complex numbers. But it is not necessary to compel me to believe in the same.

That to do to you, did eat you compel to teach complex numbers? Teach - such are bureaucratic rules of playing education. Do you want to get the scrap of paper, confirmative, that for you clever brain on shoulders? Here when you will take the deserving place in the bureaucratic system of science or education, then will decide, continue these playing complex numbers or give up them.