What natural numbers smaller five?

Among natural numbers there are five numbers which smaller 5 (five). It is numbers 0 (zero), 1 (one), 2 (two), 3 (three) and 4 (four). We will repeat for evidentness in large. Natural numbers smaller five:

0; 1; 2; 3; 4

Checking up the rightness of my reasoning is possible, overseeing in the table of natural numbers.


Legend about Sine and Cosine

In ancient, ancient times, when the world was quite another, and quite another laws governed in him, two nice tiny creatures, Sine and Cosine, went to school. They lived in long and friendly family of Numbers. Beat Sine and Cosine bytwins - nobody could distinguish them, even Lord of All Mathematician. Many different amusing histories happened with twins from their alikeness. They especially loved to jolly above Gods which built the worlds and often asked for a help at Numbers. Though quite tiny were Sine and Cosine as compared to other Numbers, but work was executed very important. One of twins will help to create a next universe God, God thanks Sine - and it, appears, Cosine tried in all...

Long proceeded so, or not, but once at school, sitting after one school desk, very strange phrases read Sine and Cosine. In the textbook of Sine it was written: "Sine is main, and Cosine helps him". In the textbook of Cosine it was written: "Cosine is main, and Sine helps him". In all other the textbooks were absolutely identical. Brothers were thoughtful right here, and then began to argue, who of them main. Each of them asserted that main he, and in his textbook it is written correctly.

Brothers argued long, finally, asked senior Numbers:

"Who of us main?"

Wise Numbers looked at textbooks, looked at brothers said:

"Change inter se textbooks - and all problems will disappear!"

But, neither Sine nor Cosine wanted to become helpers, they wanted to be only main! Everybody grasped the book and with renewed strength a dispute flamed up between them.

Then brothers appealed to Gods. Many reasonable creatures are known by Gods and with all able to get along with. They know how to settle a dispute.

"Who of us main? What book is it correctly written in?" - asked Sine and Cosine Gods. Gods looked on two absolutely identical tiny creations, smiled and said:

"It is not necessary blindly to believe in everything, that it is written in books. There can be a misprint in any book. Throw out these textbooks and live by the mind, it is time you to become adults."

Sine and Cosine got angry, hid the books a little rather from extraneous eyes. They became stealthily from each other to read each the book, more precisely, each the line about itself.

Long would proceed so, but once, on a call one of Gods, both brothers came for help. Instead of that to help God in his work, Sine and Cosine undertook a dispute inter se. God got angry and sent brothers to Mathematics.

Сontinuation will be


Multiplication by zero

Multiplication by zero is possible, rules of mathematics multiplication by zero is not forbidden. Any number, multiplication by zero, will equal zero. If a whole or fractional number multiplication by zero, zero will ensue.

We will consider the example of multiplication by zero of integer. How many will it be, if 2 (two) to multiplication by 0 (zero)?

2 х 0 = 0

Decision: if 2 (two) to multiplication by 0 (zero), 0 (zero) will turn out.

Example of multiplication by zero of broken number. How many will it be, if 0,25 (zero whole twenty five hundredth) to multiplication by 0 (zero)?

0,25 х 0 = 0

Decision: if 0,25 (zero whole twenty five hundredth) to multiplication by 0 (zero), 0 (zero) will turn out.

If to multiplication a positive or negative number by zero, zero will turn out. A number zero does not have sign, therefore signs a plus or minus before zero is not put. Examples of multiplication of positive whole and fractional numbers are made a higher.

Example of multiplication by zero of negative number. How many will it be, if -2 (minus two) to multiplication by 0 (zero)?

-2 х 0 = 0

Decision: if -2 (minus two) to multiplication by zero, there will be 0 (zero).


Table division by zero

Division by zero is forbidden. Any number, positive or negative, whole or shot, to divide by zero is forbidden. Therefore a division table by zero will look so:

1 : 0 = division by zero is forbidden
2 : 0 = division by zero is forbidden
3 : 0 = division by zero is forbidden
4 : 0 = division by zero is forbidden
5 : 0 = division by zero is forbidden
6 : 0 = division by zero is forbidden
7 : 0 = division by zero is forbidden
8 : 0 = division by zero is forbidden
9 : 0 = division by zero is forbidden
10 : 0 = division by zero is forbidden

If to designate any number through а, then a division table by zero for any numbers will consist only of one line:

а : 0 = division by zero is forbidden


Division by zero

It is accepted to consider in mathematics, that division by zero not possibly, as a result of division of number by zero can not be certain. Yet mathematicians it is said that division of number by zero behaves to the mathematical operations, to not making sense. Wikipedia asserts on this occasion, that in arithmetic, division by a zero is forbidden. Therefore, when in examples there is division by zero, it is said that an example does not have a decision, as division by zero is forbidden. This mathematical rule behaves to all, even to the blondes.

It becomes firmly established in very clever mathematical books, that division by zero possibly. More precisely, mathematicians thought of sly tricks, what this division by zero to go round a side. They are sure that it succeeded them. So, if in conversation with a clever mathematician, you will hear a phrase "I am able to divide by zero!", not surprised, your interlocutor believes sincerely, that it is possible.


Sine is 30 degrees, sin 30

Sine 30 degrees are evened by the one second or zero whole five tenth.

sin 30° = 1/2 or sin 30° = 0,5

In the radian measure sine of corners 30 degrees correspond a sine π/6:

sin 30° = sin π/6

Oddly enough, but justly and reverse equality, which asserts that sine π/6 (sin pi/6) equal a sine 30 degrees:

sin π/6 = sin 30°

A sine pi / 6 is evened similarly one second or zero whole five tenth.

sin π/6 = 1/2 or sin π/6 = 0,5

It was for blondes. For brunettes and bald academicians of mathematical sciences it is possible to write down all of it in a general view, let untangle:

sin 30° = sin π/6 = 1/2 = 0,5

For complete happiness here obviously the picture of sine 30 degrees is not enough. Surprise! And she:

A sine is 30 degrees, what the sine of thirty  degrees is equal to. Sine of pi on 6, pi/6. Mathematics For Blondes.
Sine is 30 degrees

I hope, the first part of task I decided and I succeeded to explain to the blondes, what the sine of thirty degrees is equal to. It is now needed to decide the second half of task, with which all academy of mathematical sciences, together taken, is unable to manage even. It is needed in the Internet to find blondes which search a sine 30 degrees. Will I try to be armed with logic of blondes and I will transfer below searching queries which blondes can enter in the searching systems at the search of answer for a question: what is a sine equal to 30 degrees? And so, searching queries, dilute my comments, in order the searching systems did not separate my creation from blondes.

Sine - it mathematicians collate the knowledge with the Internet. Sine, cosine - the authority of mathematicians appeared, to check, as mathematicians collated the knowledge. A sine of corner - is botanists spectacled, future of Bills Gatesis, comb the clever turnips and try to remember the school course of mathematics. Sine of degrees - smart schoolboys pelt the question on the way, what quicker cut with this nasty thing and continue a game. Table of sines, tangents - conscientious schoolboys and respectable brunettes scraped away all cognitions in trigonometry and try to collate them with the Internet. A value of sine - is mathematicians, after the long wandering on sites with blondes, at last understood how it is better to formulate a searching query. Values of cosines and sines - mathematicians remembered suddenly, that by a not sine single trigonometry lives by. Is a sine what equal to? - and the first signs of presence of blondes in the Internet with their appealing spontaneity of intercourse, even with a computer. Sines and cosines of corners. Table of values of sines. The sine of corner is equal - it mothers try to check up, as their children did lessons. How to find a sine? - it is already the typical question of the confused blonde. Sine of acute angle. Sine and cosine 30 - are mothers hardly, but already begin to understand that requires to be found in a task. A sine of number - is poor mothers, they are even unaware that corners can be measured by radians. A sine is alpha - mothers remembered, by what letter once at school they designated corners. Calculator of sines - for help clever dads come helpless mothers. How to find the sine of corner? - clever dads found the calculator of sine, it is now needed to know, how to use this thing. Geometry is a sine, cosine. To get the table of sines. Values of sines of corners - it children unstucked from the virtual games and try to prove to the clever dads, that dads not correctly press on the buttons of calculator, because the sine of corner can not equal three jars of beer. Calculations of sine - mathematicians-theorists try to steal job of mathematicians of the applied sciences performances. To calculate a sine - it the mathematicians of the applied sciences steal job of the colleagues performances. Sine of endlessness - it already physicists try to check up the calculations of mathematicians. Being of sine - blondes try to know, where sines live. Trigonometric sine - all discovered in surprise, that sines were not only in mathematics.

How many sine 30 - is a zero whole five tenth. How many sin 30 is equal - so much, zero five. How many will a sine be 30? - it is a question, certainly, interesting.. ышт 30 - it is possible so, it is only better to be commuted into English language. A table is sin alpha of 30 degrees - not quite table, but a sine and 30 degrees are exactly. Numbers from which sines natural are - mathematicians, a blonde put question. Are there variants of answers? Honour of full-dress uniform is put on kitty.

Who can explain why sine 30 degrees 1/2 is equal? - well, infant prodigies, blonde put question. Who will dare answer? A prize fund of competition is three dollars, I throw down on the mobile telephone number indicated by a winner or on the purse of WebMoney.


How does a rectangular trapezoid look?

A rectangular trapezoid has such kind:

It is a rectangular trapeze. Rectangular trapezoid pictures. Mathematics  for blondes.
It is a rectangular trapeze.
At a rectangular trapezoid I always am two lines of corner. On a picture direct corners are marked little squares in tops A and D. Direct corners can be situated in two any contiguous tops of trapezoid.

It is a rectangular trapeze. Original appearance of  rectangular trapezoid. Mathematics  for blondes presents a  geometrical figure trapezoid. A  trapezoid is a quadrangle. Rectangular trapezoid pics, trapezoid pictures. Nikolay Khyzhnjak.
It is a rectangular trapeze.
On this picture of rectangular trapezoid direct corners are located in tops B and С.

In mathematics there is determination of rectangular trapezoid, which over is brought and in Wikipedia: the rectangular is name a trapezoid at which even one corner of line. This classic determination of rectangular trapezoid, bluntly rewritten from sacred mathematical books. In Euclidean geometry a rectangular trapezoid always has two lines of corner, as two sides trapezoids, called grounds, are parallel. Segment BC, formative a direct corner with founding of АВ, will be always perpendicular to the second founding of CD. With one or three direct corners there can be only a curvilinear rectangular trapezoid, and it is quite another other class of geometrical figures already.

For blondes helped to draw kria, author of blog kria-tiv.