Devidend of fraction as named?

The devidend of fraction is named numerator. A numerator is always written above a fractional line. It is needed nowhere to peep in search of numerator of fraction, type under a bed. A numerator of fraction is always on the most prominent position, from above fractional line, as a prince on a pea. As a numerator there can be numbers or mathematical expressions.


Greatest natural number

The greatest natural number is not present and can not be. Mathematicians at that rate it is said that the natural series of numbers are infinite. It is written so even in Wikipedia.

Let us understand, why takes place so. We will assume, we thought of the greatest natural number. For simplicity we will take the natural number of "Googol" is unit with one hundred zeros, ten in a hundredth degree.

Yes, yes, not surprised, the steepest searching machine of the Internet Google is named after the number of Googol! It and not surprisingly, in fact created a searching machine in distant, distant 1998 to the year two students Larry Page and Sergey Brin. You present, 12 (twelve!) years back there was not Google! How did people the Internet use?! But we were a bit distracted...

And so, we consider that the greatest natural number is a number of Googol. That us does interfere with to finish writing to this greatest number another, one hundred first, zero? We take a pen in hands, we look around on parties, that nobody saw, and we finish writing zero. Our greatest natural number increased tenfold and became yet more! Wow! We finish writing yet zero, and then yet, and yet... Through time, writing zeros already nowhere, and they (zeros) all do not end in any way. We reach the next piece of wallpapers, prepared for repair of antechamber, and we keep writing. On the middle of roll paste is closed, and the greatest natural number we so not wrote. If to buy up all ball-point pens in a booth and all wallpapers in a building shop, it how many zeros is it possible to finish writing? Will this be the greatest natural number? No, building магизинов with wallpapers very much, it is possible yet to write and write... Amusing, certainly, to spend right through life and all dad money on scribble of one number, but there are entertainments much more interesting.

Let now we will look at the problem of the greatest natural number on the other hand. If a child is able to consider only to five, then for such child pentad will be the greatest in the world number. But we know that well, that is yet very much many numbers which more pentad. Simply we know mathematics much better than child. In course of time a child will laugh at the "greatest in the world number".

There are no grounds to disbelieve mathematicians, to asserting, that the series of natural numbers are infinite and the greatest natural number can not be.

I tried to find the construction of the greatest number, but omniscient Wikipedia is quiet even on that score, and a search on the Internet is given out by different garbage. Therefore I present the own variant of the GREATEST NUMBER IN THE WORLD. It will look as endlessness in a degree endlessness, in a degree endlessness, in a degree endlessness... and so for ever and ever. Instead of mark of endlessness can put any natural number, except unit. What a greater number you will put, the steeper there will be flight to unattainable.


Here it and there is the GREATEST NUMBER IN MATHEMATICS, more precisely, his mathematical construction. If someone knows from erudites, how this is named, write in comments, with pleasure I will correct the name. Not forget to give reference to the information generator. Similar principle of search of the greatest number is much more effective than dull finishing writing of zeros.

By the way, little numbers at which small zeros grew quite have the famous enough names own. Glance on a page "Unit and twenty one zero", if want to become acquainted with them closer. Every blonde is under an obligation to know, what a millionaire differs from a multimillionaire. Otherwise as will you choose to itself a husband?


What number are the natural series of numbers begun with?

The natural series of numbers are begun with a number 0 (zero). Number 0 (zero) is the least natural number.

For the Russian blondes it was farther written following. In translating into the language of blondes: the littlest natural number - it 1 (one, unit). The littlest natural number has really two names. Probably, one from a dad, second from a mother))) I will remind that in Russian mathematics zero is not a natural number!


What natural numbers smaller five?

Among natural numbers there are five numbers which smaller 5 (five). It is numbers 0 (zero), 1 (one), 2 (two), 3 (three) and 4 (four). We will repeat for evidentness in large. Natural numbers smaller five:

0; 1; 2; 3; 4

Checking up the rightness of my reasoning is possible, overseeing in the table of natural numbers.


Legend about Sine and Cosine

In ancient, ancient times, when the world was quite another, and quite another laws governed in him, two nice tiny creatures, Sine and Cosine, went to school. They lived in long and friendly family of Numbers. Beat Sine and Cosine bytwins - nobody could distinguish them, even Lord of All Mathematician. Many different amusing histories happened with twins from their alikeness. They especially loved to jolly above Gods which built the worlds and often asked for a help at Numbers. Though quite tiny were Sine and Cosine as compared to other Numbers, but work was executed very important. One of twins will help to create a next universe God, God thanks Sine - and it, appears, Cosine tried in all...

Long proceeded so, or not, but once at school, sitting after one school desk, very strange phrases read Sine and Cosine. In the textbook of Sine it was written: "Sine is main, and Cosine helps him". In the textbook of Cosine it was written: "Cosine is main, and Sine helps him". In all other the textbooks were absolutely identical. Brothers were thoughtful right here, and then began to argue, who of them main. Each of them asserted that main he, and in his textbook it is written correctly.

Brothers argued long, finally, asked senior Numbers:

"Who of us main?"

Wise Numbers looked at textbooks, looked at brothers said:

"Change inter se textbooks - and all problems will disappear!"

But, neither Sine nor Cosine wanted to become helpers, they wanted to be only main! Everybody grasped the book and with renewed strength a dispute flamed up between them.

Then brothers appealed to Gods. Many reasonable creatures are known by Gods and with all able to get along with. They know how to settle a dispute.

"Who of us main? What book is it correctly written in?" - asked Sine and Cosine Gods. Gods looked on two absolutely identical tiny creations, smiled and said:

"It is not necessary blindly to believe in everything, that it is written in books. There can be a misprint in any book. Throw out these textbooks and live by the mind, it is time you to become adults."

Sine and Cosine got angry, hid the books a little rather from extraneous eyes. They became stealthily from each other to read each the book, more precisely, each the line about itself.

Long would proceed so, but once, on a call one of Gods, both brothers came for help. Instead of that to help God in his work, Sine and Cosine undertook a dispute inter se. God got angry and sent brothers to Mathematics.

Сontinuation will be


Multiplication by zero

Multiplication by zero is possible, rules of mathematics multiplication by zero is not forbidden. Any number, multiplication by zero, will equal zero. If a whole or fractional number multiplication by zero, zero will ensue.

We will consider the example of multiplication by zero of integer. How many will it be, if 2 (two) to multiplication by 0 (zero)?

2 х 0 = 0

Decision: if 2 (two) to multiplication by 0 (zero), 0 (zero) will turn out.

Example of multiplication by zero of broken number. How many will it be, if 0,25 (zero whole twenty five hundredth) to multiplication by 0 (zero)?

0,25 х 0 = 0

Decision: if 0,25 (zero whole twenty five hundredth) to multiplication by 0 (zero), 0 (zero) will turn out.

If to multiplication a positive or negative number by zero, zero will turn out. A number zero does not have sign, therefore signs a plus or minus before zero is not put. Examples of multiplication of positive whole and fractional numbers are made a higher.

Example of multiplication by zero of negative number. How many will it be, if -2 (minus two) to multiplication by 0 (zero)?

-2 х 0 = 0

Decision: if -2 (minus two) to multiplication by zero, there will be 0 (zero).


Table division by zero

Division by zero is forbidden. Any number, positive or negative, whole or shot, to divide by zero is forbidden. Therefore a division table by zero will look so:

1 : 0 = division by zero is forbidden
2 : 0 = division by zero is forbidden
3 : 0 = division by zero is forbidden
4 : 0 = division by zero is forbidden
5 : 0 = division by zero is forbidden
6 : 0 = division by zero is forbidden
7 : 0 = division by zero is forbidden
8 : 0 = division by zero is forbidden
9 : 0 = division by zero is forbidden
10 : 0 = division by zero is forbidden

If to designate any number through а, then a division table by zero for any numbers will consist only of one line:

а : 0 = division by zero is forbidden