Basic trigonometric identities formula

Basic trigonometric identities formula. Simplest identities. A theorem of Pythagoras is in trigonometry. The sum of squares of sine and cosine is equal to unit. A tangent is increased on a cotangent equal to unit. Mathematics for blondes.
Basic trigonometric identities of the formula is the basis of trigonometry. First formula circled outline in red wine, called basic trigonometric identities. Actually it is the Pythagorean theorem for trigonometric functions.

Two other formulas identities are obtained if the first equation divided by the square of the cosine of the angle alpha, or the square of the sine of that angle. The last formula is the trigonometric form of the basic properties of all the numbers: if the number is multiplied by the inverse number (or divided by the same number, which is the same thing) the result is a unit.

All the other bells and whistles this trigonometric formulas for basic trigonometric identities and definitions of trigonometric functions. No matter what corner of the universe you are, no matter what with the extraterrestrial civilizations did not communicate, basic trigonometry all be the same. Just do not want to write his formula, trying to prove that you are a human being. For any alien all these equations and symbols the same as that for you Chinese characters. Geometry - that a language that can easily do without interpreters to communicate with any intelligent creature from any planet. Animals are not able to understand the language of geometry. Of course, before you communicate in the language of geometry, it is necessary to learn the language by use.

Where does the basic trigonometric identities? Here's the "Legend of the sine and cosine," in which I explained his version of the occurrence of a trigonometric miracle.

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