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Author Nikolay Khyzhniak. New math. Mathematics for blondes.
Author Nikolay Khyzhniak

New mathematics is mathematics that is based on the laws of nature. Any physical law is an abstract mathematical law dressed in specific units of change. Mathematics is physics without clothes, physics is mathematics in clothes. Clothing (units of measurement) can be very different. Units of measurement are the key to understanding the laws of nature. Mathematics without units of measurement is an adult game of numbers according to the rules invented by mathematicians themselves. Today, mathematics is an ancient number game, similar to the game of chess, which adults play professionally. The mathematical theory of units of measurement, which will replace set theory in the future, has yet to be written.

All the secrets of the universe are written in the language of mathematics. If you want to understand math, always ask yourself the question: "How am I going to explain this to aliens?". This page contains links to my articles on mathematics, where I try to understand the answers to my questions. I get some kind of new mathematics, much wider and deeper than what we know. All these mathematical provisions and rules are not generally accepted, but reflect my personal view of mathematics.

Area of a trapezoid and division by zero.

Preprints of my article:

A few words about infinite series:

Articles devoted to multiplication by zero:

Interesting questions in set theory (published on this site):

In 2016 I published the following works:

Measurement of plane angles (The Papers of Independent Authors. Volume 36 of p. 43-45)

Trigonometric functions in a rectangle (The Papers of Independent Authors. Volume 36 of p. 46-69)

More deep consideration of bases of mathematics:

Why is a zero not a number?

Law of cosines for perimeter

Law of cosines in general

Bases of mathematics (The Papers of Independent Authors. Volume 19. 2011 of p. 78-98) - under such name I wrote the cycle of reasons about mathematics, that is given below:

About symmetry of mathematical actions (The Papers of Independent Authors. Volume 18. 2011 of p. 110-111) - whatever was talked by mathematicians about priority and secondaryness of mathematical actions, symmetry of mathematical actions is a fact that can be not noticed, but it is impossible to refute.

Natural numbers are determination - variation on a theme determination of natural numbers.

Integers determination - continuation of theme of mathematical determinations.