Tuesday, March 01, 2016

How to simplify?

Help simplify the mathematical expressions:

1) 5.25x+7.56+4.98x-1.25x+0.02x
2) 12.78x+3.84x+2.22x+1.16x-0.3x

It is not hard. We believe that X's - it's rabbits. Why rabbits are not the whole? Their evil Putin nibbled. The numbers - it's just a numbers. Now we add up the rabbits with rabbits. The numbers add up separately. Perform a permutation terms, make it easier to summarize.

1) 5.25x+7.56+4.98x-1.25x+0.02x=

2) 12.78x+3.84x+2.22x+1.16x-0.3x=

Here's how it's simple.

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