Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Engines and inertia

Be not surprised to the fact that now we will speak about engines and inertia. This introduction to more fascinating conversation on extra-terrestrials and their UFO. We will speak with engaging of mathematical concepts. But before to discuss extra-terrestrials, let's talk about us and the level of development of our technique.

And so, we will begin with mathematics. The matter is that all our engines are engines of dot type. Somewhere energy gathers, concentrates in one point, and then this energy is redistributed on a design of the movable device. We will not press in a jungle of mechanics and a vector algebra, we will talk about the principle.

Let's begin with the horse cart. The horse is attached to the vehicle and pulls it. The horse cart vehicle transports everything that on it is. A red arrow on the picture I noted the place of influence of strength of a horse.

The horse cart. Mathematics For Blondes.
The horse cart
To shift the loaded horse cart, it is necessary to overcome an inertial force of the horse cart and freight. At change of speed or the direction of driving, the inertial force will force to move the horse cart in the former direction with a former speed.

Car. All saw it. All cylinders transfer the effort to a shaft in the engine of the car. This shaft rotates wheels, wheels rest against the earth and all miracle of automotive vehicles starts moving, overcoming an inertial force. Inertial forces work after collision of the car with an obstacle. Seat belts of the car counteract inertial forces.

Rocket engine. The rocket can pull the horse vehicle. The principle of the dot engine does not change. On the rocket engine we load a payload and the rocket engine pushes it to the planned purpose, overcoming inertial forces.

We use atomic energy. In the steam engine earlier we used firewood and coal. Now we use nuclear fuel. The dot principle of the steam engine remains invariable. We cannot turn gamma rays into light rays.

We learned to use fire. We know many ways as fire to get. We know many ways as fire to extinguish. But there are fires which we cannot extinguish.

Now it is possible to talk about extra-terrestrials and the UFO. Very few people doubt that for flights extra-terrestrials use the anti-gravitational engine. But how they overcome an inertial force? We transfer the principle of our terrestrial dot engines to extra-terrestrial aircraft. Can they fly by other principle? We will talk about it next time.

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