Natural numbers definition

Determinations of natural numbers, which over are brought in Wikipedia and mathematical literature, contain whatever, except mathematics. If we decided to divide numbers with that it was simpler to rule above them, then competent determination of natural numbers will not prevent to enter mathematically.

Natural numbers definition from Nikolay Khyzhnjak: unit and all numbers which can be got as a result of addition of units are named natural numbers.

For those, who considers that a zero belongs to the natural numbers, this determination will sound so: zero, unit and all numbers which can be got as a result of addition of units, is named natural numbers.

What did we do? We account sticks in a hand replaced units in mathematics. Now we will check in practice, as it works. We will consider a number 2 (two):

1 + 1 = 2

Number 2 is a natural number, because it can be presented as a sum of two units, that corresponds to two account sticks or two other objects "for an account in natural way" (quotation from classic determination of natural numbers).

We will take more difficult example. If broken number 7,5 to divide into other broken number 2,5, will there be a result by a natural number?

7,5 : 2,5 = 3

Yes, as a result of division of two broken numbers we got a natural number 3, as it can be got as a result of addition of three units.

1 + 1 + 1 = 3

If a number scatters on units without noise and dust, such number is natural. For example, number 2,5 (two with a half) is not natural, because except two units with a frightful crash fractional part of number of 0,5 is pushed aside:

1 + 1 + 0,5 = 2,5

Another example. Number -4 (minus four) is not natural, as at decomposition on units a sign falls off minus and lifts the whole heap of dust. Negative numbers it is impossible to get addition of positive units. By the way, in the dust of negative numbers of mathematics roamed, as hedgehogs are in fog. Instead of that to understand reasons of dustborne storm, they thought of the module of number, than yet more all tangled.

I hope, my determination will help you it is better to be oriented in such different names of such identical numbers.

Does a broken number can to be natural? - no, broken numbers do not behave to the natural numbers.

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