Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Natural numbers are determination

Determination of natural numbers from Wikipedia: natural numbers are numbers which arise up in natural way at an account. And farther already fuss went with different approaches at by determinations of natural numbers. I have the special page with the generally accepted look to the natural numbers.

I can give another determination of natural numbers: natural numbers are numbers, used for the account of objects or for pointing of sequence number of one or another object among homogeneous objects.

In order to avoid problems in the process of studies, urgently I recommend to learn that determination of natural numbers, which is given in your textbook. In case of necessity, will pronounce him, as quotation from Mathematical Scripture. Looking at natural numbers is possible in the table of natural numbers. If want though something independent to consider, I recommend to read my determination of natural numbers.

Now a bit about history of natural numbers. It appeared in mathematics in those ancient times, when all blondes were natural. As follows from determination of natural numbers, natural numbers are those numbers which it is possible to count blondes. Exactly in honour the natural blondes of mathematics named numbers "natural". If it is possible to count blondes some number - this number natural means, if to count blondes it is impossible - a number means is not natural.

Natural numbers. Mathematics. Natural blonde. Mathematics for blondes.
Mathematics for blondes

For example. Shot the one second is not a natural number. Where did you see half-blondes? Or one and a half blondes? All broken numbers are not natural numbers. Negative numbers similarly do not behave to the natural numbers. It is possible to count negative numbers, how many blondes do not seize to every concrete mathematician, but these blondes will be not natural, and virtual. What numbers are natural? Positive integers are natural.

Now interesting question: is a zero a natural number? In the different sacred books of mathematicians there are different opinions on that score. One add a zero on the face of sacred natural numbers, other refuse to the zero in such honour. Most correct decision of this problem - read, that it is written in a textbook or straight will ask the teacher. It is necessary to acknowledge that with a question adding of zero on natural numbers little disorder is created in mathematics. And this little disorder sometimes grows into large mathematical chaos, when business comes to the zero. Division by zero - one of examples.

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