Legend about Sine and Cosine

Legend about Sine and Cosine. Вeginning. Ancient World. Mathematics For Blondes.
Legend about Sine and Cosine. Вeginning.

n ancient, ancient times, when the world was quite another, and quite another laws governed in him, two nice tiny creatures, Sine and Cosine, went to school. They lived in long and friendly family of Numbers. Beat Sine and Cosine bytwins - nobody could distinguish them, even Lord of All Mathematician. Many different amusing histories happened with twins from their alikeness. They especially loved to jolly above Gods which built the worlds and often asked for a help at Numbers. Though quite tiny were Sine and Cosine as compared to other Numbers, but work was executed very important. One of twins will help to create a next universe God, God thanks Sine - and it, appears, Cosine tried in all...

Long proceeded so, or not, but once at school, sitting after one school desk, very strange phrases read Sine and Cosine. In the textbook of Sine it was written: "Sine is main, and Cosine helps him". In the textbook of Cosine it was written: "Cosine is main, and Sine helps him". In all other the textbooks were absolutely identical. Brothers were thoughtful right here, and then began to argue, who of them main. Each of them asserted that main he, and in his textbook it is written correctly.

Brothers argued long, finally, asked senior Numbers:

"Who of us main?"

Wise Numbers looked at textbooks, looked at brothers said:

"Change inter se textbooks - and all problems will disappear!"

But, neither Sine nor Cosine wanted to become helpers, they wanted to be only main! Everybody grasped the book and with renewed strength a dispute flamed up between them.

Then brothers appealed to Gods. Many reasonable creatures are known by Gods and with all able to get along with. They know how to settle a dispute.

"Who of us main? What book is it correctly written in?" - asked Sine and Cosine Gods. Gods looked on two absolutely identical tiny creations, smiled and said:

"It is not necessary blindly to believe in everything, that it is written in books. There can be a misprint in any book. Throw out these textbooks and live by the mind, it is time you to become adults."

Sine and Cosine got angry, hid the books a little rather from extraneous eyes. They became stealthily from each other to read each the book, more precisely, each the line about itself.

Long would proceed so, but once, on a call one of Gods, both brothers came for help. Instead of that to help God in his work, Sine and Cosine undertook a dispute inter se. God got angry and sent brothers to Mathematics.

To be continued.

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