Sine is 45 degrees, sin 45

Sine 45 degrees, or sine, pi divided on 4 (four), equal unit, divided by a root from 2 (two). Simpler all sin to represent 45 degrees on a picture:

Sine is 45 degrees, sin 45, sine of pi on 4, sin  pi/4. A value of sine of 45 degrees. Mathematics for blondes.
Sine is 45 degrees, sin 45

In decimal fractions value of sine 45 degrees will be equal zero whole seven thousands seventy one tenthousandth:

sin 45° = sin π/4 = 0,7071

Anymore about trigonometric equalities of sine of corner alpha it is possible to look on a page, sanctified to the sine 30 degrees. I hope, you will understand, what numbers change in equalities, and what letters and symbols remain unchanging. You will compare the portraits of sines on pictures, value of corners and value of sines of these corners.

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Trigonometric sine - it just one of a few functions from family Functions Trigonometric. Where is pi divided by four? - in a district 45 degrees. Above there is a picture, it is drawn there, how to him to pass. Sine of pi divided by four - really, sexual belonging of number of pi somehow is not strongly paraded in mathematics. So nevertheless, pi - it he, she or it? The strangest, all answers correct. He is a corner of pi, she is pi, it is a number of pi. sin 45 what equal to? - to unit, divided by a root from two.


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