Sine is 30 degrees, sin 30

>Sine 30 degrees are evened by the one second or zero whole five tenth.

sin 30° = 1/2 or sin 30° = 0,5

In the radian measure sine of corners 30 degrees correspond a sine π/6:

sin 30° = sin π/6

Oddly enough, but justly and reverse equality, which asserts that sine π/6 (sin pi/6) equal a sine 30 degrees:

sin π/6 = sin 30°

A sine pi / 6 is evened similarly one second or zero whole five tenth.

sin π/6 = 1/2 or sin π/6 = 0,5

It was for blondes. For brunettes and bald academicians of mathematical sciences it is possible to write down all of it in a general view, let untangle:

sin 30° = sin π/6 = 1/2 = 0,5

For complete happiness here obviously the picture of sine 30 degrees is not enough. Surprise! And she:

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Sine is 30 degrees

I hope, the first part of task I decided and I succeeded to explain to the blondes, what the sine of thirty degrees is equal to. It is now needed to decide the second half of task, with which all academy of mathematical sciences, together taken, is unable to manage even. It is needed in the Internet to find blondes which search a sine 30 degrees. Will I try to be armed with logic of blondes and I will transfer below searching queries which blondes can enter in the searching systems at the search of answer for a question: what is a sine equal to 30 degrees? And so, searching queries, dilute my comments, in order the searching systems did not separate my creation from blondes.

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Sine, cosine - the authority of mathematicians appeared, to check, as mathematicians collated the knowledge.
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How many sine 30 - is a zero whole five tenth.

How many sin 30 is equal - so much, zero five.

How many will a sine be 30? - it is a question, certainly, interesting...

A table is sin alpha of 30 degrees - not quite table, but a sine and 30 degrees are exactly.

Numbers from which sines natural are - mathematicians, a blonde put question. Are there variants of answers? Honour of full-dress uniform is put on kitty.

Who can explain why sine 30 degrees 1/2 is equal? - well, infant prodigies, blonde put question. I specifically wrote the page "Why is the sine of 30 degrees equal to 1/2?"

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