Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Mathematics of an inequality

In the mathematician equalities and inequalities are very extended. Whether the inequality can be useful practically to us in an everyday life? Perhaps if you learn to make inequalities of the most simple situations and to analyze them.

Here the most usual situation. You have got acquainted with the guy who was presented to Vasej. Вася has told that it the friend Bill Gates. Here we also will use mathematical principles of construction and the inequality analysis.

First of all, we will remember one mathematical rule - an addition rule. This rule says that from shift composed the sum does not change. Other mathematical rule asserts that at shift of factors product does not change. Here we apply this principle of shift to words of Vasi and we look that at us it has turned out:

(Vasja has told that it the friend Bill Gates) is equal (Bill Gates has told that Vasja its friend)

Now we will analyse both received phrases. You personally are not familiar neither with Vasej, nor with Bill Gates. But Bill Gates - the celebrated personality, therefore you will trust its words much more, than to words of known Vasi any to nobody. The probability of that Vasja REALLY is the friend Bill Gates, is smallest. Hence, we have received an inequality which looks so:

(Vasja has told that it the friend Bill Gates) is not equal (Bill Gates has told that Vasja its friend)

From the phrase analysis it is possible to draw a conclusion that from you something is necessary for this Vasja. If simply to make upon you impression is one. If speech comes about money is another.

Similar reception - to be called as someone concerning the celebrated personality - any swindlers very often use. Especially, when speech comes about money: "the pupil such", "the right hand of that" and so on, and so forth.

If you learn easily and quickly to define situation high lights, mentally to change a situation on opposite and to analyze the received results, it will be much easier to you to make correct decisions.

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