Types of triangles

Types of triangles differ on clothes. Here when you look at the person, you, first of all, estimate it clothes and at once much becomes clear to you - what dirty trick from this person can be expected. Precisely as well at triangles. However, triangles have only two clothes which can be estimated simultaneously are corners and the parties. On a picture of a triangle it looks here so:

Types of triangles. Rectangular  triangle, right triangle, obtuse and acute triangle. Equilateral, isosceles, scalene, triangle names. Mathematics for Blondes.
Types of triangles

The very first triangle on a picture - a right triangle. It is called so because this triangle has one right angle. Two right angles at a triangle does not happen - remember the triangle theorem? Correctly, if two corners take away to themselves on 90 degrees, to the third corner nothing does not remain. And what can be a triangle with two corners? There are no two-coal triangles. Everything, the theorem of a right angle in a right triangle for blondes is proved!

Types of triangles. Equilateral, isosceles, scalene, triangle names. Mathematics for Blondes.
Types of triangles

It is possible to name a right triangle a triangle of Pythagor, on it Pythagor proved the well-known Pythagorean theorem. Let for Pythagor a right triangle also remains. Further on a picture at us the acute triangle is drawn. In it all three corners sharp, as female uvulas. Means, this triangle female. The top part of portrait gallery of triangles comes to an end with an obtuse triangle. This triangle has one big corner, and this corner stupid. It is a man's triangle. No, not because men stupid! No! Think. If there is a female triangle, means should be and man's. And all other triangles are already disassembled! There was only this... Here!

In the bottom part of a cloth of a brush of the unknown artist of the XXI-st century we see triangles which differ with lengths of the parties. To the first in the bottom number there is an equilateral triangle - a democracy symbol. Because all three parties at an equilateral triangle of equal length so - they are equal among themselves.

Further the isosceles triangle is drawn. A symbol of grace and beauty of women. At this triangle two parties have identical length. You imagine the woman with hips of different length? Here, and I do not represent. Why an isosceles triangle named so? In honour of blondes of whom mathematicians dreamt, drawing a pencil a triangle that under a hand has got. After all the majority of mathematicians there were no Leonardo's da Vinci's. Instead of fine Mona Liza's at them them isosceles triangles turned out.

The latest triangle - a scalene triangle - a symbol of geometrical tortures. And you thought, it is connected with erudition of this triangle? As though not so! At this triangle the teacher wants to know all three parties of different length and length of each of the parties of a triangle! After tortures by such triangle even Pythagor has not sustained and has told the theorem. In general, the scalene triangle is the most terrible nightmare of pupils on an extent already more than two thousand years.

Triangle names and pictures - it here. Types of triangles and their name.

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