Trigonometric circle - comments

Math blonde. A Paris Hilton on a picture reads a book Discrete Mathematics. Mathematics For Blondes.
The Russian specialists of Photoshop compelled Paris Hilton to read a book "Discrete mathematics".

Comment - and to me reached!)

Nikolay Khyzhnjak - it is stranger work, this picture of trigonometric circle I only adorned))) it will be Needed to draw the trigonometric circle, by sight clear at first blush)))

Comment - you are a fool bald, explain normally! I am a hard blonde, I understand nothing!

Nikolay Khyzhnjak - If you are a hard fool, then medicine is here powerless. Mathematics - moreover. Now try once again, only already politely, to answer a question: that you are not clear exactly?

Comment - what if at being of value alpha equal 4pi, for me 720 degrees, how farther to find a sine and cosine alpha??

Comment - however I hate geometry, though I am a not blonde=)

Nikolay Khyzhnjak - concerning a hatred. It is your problems((( to Mathematics on a drum, blonde you or no, you love geometry or hate, in mathematics twice two however will equal four, and the laws of geometry will continue to work, as well as before. It is needed simply to reconcile oneself to with this fact. All people can not identically masterly own geometry. But it is desirable to know about basic concepts. In fact you are a reasonable creature, but not animal. It not needed the animal of knowledge, for life by him there are fully enough instincts.
Concerning 720 degrees now I will write on a separate page.

Comment - on my you engage in unavailing enough business. To teach blondes, it too same, that to try to drive away a tram... Although, good luck)

Comment - better will explain on an example - how to decide cos(x - pi/2)

Nikolay Khyzhnjak - Concerning educating of blondes. Blondes are a simply advertising trick))) Although in some places I understand their logic perfectly)))
In business-literature a phrase pleased me: "If not able to do business, teach other people, as needed to do business. If not able to teach people to business, teach teachers, as needed to teach people to business"))) As I in trigonometry small that I understand, I teach other and study. Blondes - it my level just)))
About the decision of examples. Examples without решебника I I am not able to decide. I am simpler to set about in a fuzz and ashes all trigonometric circle, what to decide a предложнный example in due form educational-bureaucratic art))) I will Find a decision - I will publish)))

Comment - is pi divided by 12 exists? If yes, then what is it equal to?

Nikolay Khyzhnjak - Yes, pi divided on 12 is a not mirage, it exists. For that, what finding, what it is equal to, is needed to divide 180 degrees on 12. 15 degrees ensue.
pi/12 = 180/12 = 15 degrees
next equality is Here used for translation of radian measure of corners in a degree:
pi radian = 180 degrees

Comment - Thank you, then yet: (Pi/6+2Pi)/2=13Pi/6. If is it calculated right, then how to bring this expression over? and whether it is possible to simplify him not taking away Pi.

Nikolay Khyzhnjak - It is calculated not correctly. After equal sign the result of calculation of expression is writtenin in brackets, and he needs to be yet divided in half. In the total it must turn out 13pi/12. With the value of corner already nothing will do, unless to write down as 1 and 1/12 pi. And trigonometric functions with the corner of such size it is possible to lead on the special formulas. Every trigonometric function, has the formulas of coersion. All trigonometric functions of any corners can be driven away in a stall measuring from 0 to 90 degrees. The formulas of bringing stray sheep over we will consider in the nearest time)))

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