We do repair

Blondes sometimes too do repair. Here again without mathematics application it is impossible to manage in any way. It is necessary to pay For repair money. Thus inevitably there is a question: how many and for what from me take money? Whether correctly builders have counted repair cost? How to count amounts of works at apartment repair? Here, as it is impossible by the way, knowledge of mathematics will be useful to you. And so, if we do repair it is necessary to know volumes of forthcoming works approximately at least. Calculation of amounts of works - business tiresome enough, but necessary. How many it is necessary to buy wall-paper? How many it is necessary to buy a tile? These figures as undertake from amounts of works.

Amounts of works are considered very simply, basically, on the rectangle area - the length is multiplied for the width and the area (in full conformity with the multiplication table) turns out. If it is a floor - that the length and width of a room undertake. Measurements are spent by a roulette between opposite walls over a plinth. As the measuring tool it is possible to use metre by which you measure volume of hips, waists, breasts. For example, if at us a room in the size 5,0 on 3,0 metres, in this room of 15 metres of a square floor.

5 · 3 = 15

It is amount of works on packing of a tile, a laminate, linoleum, the device of a coupler, a floor first coat and so forth in this room. In addition the floor area in a doorway and радиаторной to a niche can be considered. This area increases to area already received by us. By builders at estimate calculation factors of complexity of works can be applied, but masters should prove that work is executed not the standard. For example, in a bathroom the tile of two colours was killed on a curve that, naturally, more difficultly, than simply to put a tile. Even for selection of drawing of a tile cost of works can be increased.

If the room has the difficult form then the floor area is calculated on the areas of simple geometrical figures into which it is necessary to break mentally a room and for which you know formulas of a finding of the areas. In the practice I very often used the formula of Gerona for a finding of the area of a triangle on length of three parties.

If any works are regarded in running metres (for example, plinth installation) then it is simply measured by metre or a roulette on room perimetre. In a room in the size 5 on 3 metres the perimetre makes 16 metres running.

(5 + 3) · 2 = 16

For calculation of quantity of a plinth it is necessary to take away width of a doorway, usually 0,8 - 0,9 metres, to add a plinth on door slopes (if in a room it is). Let in our case the door will be 0,9 metres, and the door slope will be in the width 0,3 metres. Total we will receive 15,7 metres running plinth installations.

16 - 0,9 + 0,3 · 2 = 15,7

If any works are regarded for a piece (installation of corners on a plinth, installation of sockets, etc.) It is counted up at random by a finger in a product. Two times and too the product is not considered one. It is necessary to mean that installation box for setting of electric wall outlet and socket installation are different works which are paid for different quotations though are carried out consistently in one place. By the way, boxes for setting of electric wall outlets are established and for switches. Check is carried out simply: quantity of switches plus quantity of sockets to equally quantity box for setting of electric wall outlet. If figures do not converge, then is considered at random by a finger of the builder (already the builder should count all at your presence) and listened its arguments, after all situations happen different (the telephone socket, the television socket, the computer socket - all of them are put in box for setting of electric wall outlet). box for setting of electric wall outlet is cheaper than an assembly box and it can be used in junctions of wires - such beggar an European-quality repair variant.

The ceiling area is considered in the same way, as well as the floor area - the sizes from a wall to a wall are measured. The area of niches increases, and the area of columns is subtracted from the ceiling area. Usually the ceiling area is equal or less areas of a floor (remember, in the floor area the area in doorways, radiator niches can be added).

The area of walls is considered multiplication walls on height of a room minus the area of door and window apertures are long. Let at us height of a room of 2,5 metres, a window in the size 1,4 on 1,5 (height) of metres, a door 0,9 on 2,1 (height) of metres. Then the area of walls is equal to room perimetre (we already so considered a plinth) increased by height of a room minus the area of apertures about makes 36,0 metres square:

((5 + 3) · 2) · 2,5 - 1,4 · 1,5 - 0,9 · 2,1 = 16 · 2,5 - 2,1 - 1,9 = 40 - 4,0 = 36

Furnish of slopes is considered, usually, in running metres. The window slope in our case makes 4,4 metres of the running:

1,5 · 2 + 1,4 = 4,4

The door slope equals 5,1 metres of the running:

2,1 · 2 + 0,9 = 5,1

If the quotation for slopes in square metres then the received running metres it is multiplied separately: length of a window slope running metres for width of a window slope, length of a door slope for width of a door slope. If in a room the oil panel in height of 1,8 m then the panel area is calculated separately is executed and it equals of 25,6 metres of the square:

((5 + 3) · 2) · 1,8 - 1,4 · 1,0 - 0,9 · 1,8 = 28,8 - 1,4 - 1,6 = 25,6

Here for a window of 1,0 metres is a distance from a window sill to top of the oil panel. The area of furnish of walls over the oil panel makes remained from a total area of walls of the square of 10,4 metres:

36 - 25,6 = 10,4

The areas in other premises are considered precisely also. More simple method still nobody has thought up. Write down the calculations in a writing-book on each room separately and summary calculation on apartment - separately: циферка in циферку with all signs on mathematical actions. The error in calculations can be the most banal - on the calculator not that key have pressed at calculation of addition, multiplication, subtraction. From builders you in the right to demand explanations concerning the overestimated amounts of works. In disputable cases in common make the necessary gaugings and together do calculations - here you quickly find out, who and where exactly was mistaken.

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