Multiplication and division by zero

As a zero is not a number, all mathematical operations on multiplying and dividing by a zero take place in area of units of measurements. In relation to the operation of divizion by zero of unit of measuring can be real and virtual. Units of measurements of length behave to the real units of measurements. All other units of measurements, probably, are virtual. Dividing by the zero of virtual units of measuring is impossible, as a result of division by zero of such units of measuring does not make sense.

In the special group it is necessary to distinguish natural unit of measurement of speeds (speed of light) and mathematical unit of corners (corner in 45 degrees). These units of measurements hatch through mathematical methods and their mathematical properties require a further study. More detailed study is required similarly by units of measurements of time.

Virtual units of measurements appear as a result of process that mathematically can be written down as dividing of zero by zero.


where а – is virtual unit of measurement.

The described mathematical properties of virtual units of measurements allow to enter any units of measurements us and use them without influence on the surrounding world. These units of measurements are used both for description of surrounding reality and for everyday needs. The examples of virtual units of measurements can be units of measurements of money, temperature, many physical sizes or applied in a technique and commerce. The process of exit from everyday life of virtual units of measurements of measuring can be mathematically represented as multiplying by a zero. Mathematical properties of similar units of measurements are tested by practice of their use during many millenniums.

In multidimensional space, division by zero increases the amount of the spatial dimensions, multiplcanion by zero diminishes this amount.

In rectangular cartesian coordinates it will look so:

x/0 = xy
xy/0 = (x/0)y = x(y/0) = xyz

At multiplication by zero it is necessary to take into account project properties of space, as a result of such increase depends on that, which one component is multiplied by zero.

xyz*0 = 0 and xy or xz or yz
xy*0 = 0 and x or y

In physical equalizations, division by zero requires introduction of new unit of measurement to examined by equalization the physical co-operation expressed by a mathematical action by an increase (probably, another unit of measurement of length). For example, if to divide unit of measurement of length into a zero, unit of measurement of area will ensue. If to divide unit of measurement of area into a zero, unit of measurement of volume will ensue et cetera.

m/0 = m²
m²/0 = m³

Algebraically it can be presented in a next kind:

a/0 = ab
ab/0 = abc

where а, b, c - mutually perpendicular units of measurements of length.

At multiplication by a zero one of the components of co-operation, described by physical equalization, from co-operation is eliminated. The primary result of co-operation grows into a zero. Remaining components continue to co-operate.

m³*0 = 0 and
m²*0 = 0 and m

Algebraically it can be presented in a next kind:

abc*0 = 0 and ab or ac or bc
ab*0 = 0 and a or b

where а, b, c - mutually perpendicular units of measurements of length.

Expl for blondes: It only began division and multiplication by zero. More in detail we will consider it other time. More interesting things on the page "New Math".

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