Space evolution

Probably, in the process of the evolution, space generates different multidimensional universes with the even amount of dimension. Development originates from spaces with less of dimension to spaces with plenty of dimension. For basis of existence of space it is possible to accept principle of existence of speeds. Our 6-dimension Universe in the chain of space evolution will look like the following.

Space evolution. Mathematics for blondes. Nikolay Khyzhnjak.
Quite possible, that to Big Bang putting beginning of our Universe, there was a 4-dimension universe in that energy had one dimension of length, and a matter two dimension of length in that part of universe that corresponds our slower-than-light. A black hole, the consequence of that in 6-dimension space was Big Bang, giving beginning of our Universe, appeared in the process of evolution of this 4-dimension universe. A matter with two dimension of length in our Universe grew into 2-dimensional energy. Question about transformation of unidimensional on length energy in the process of transition through a black hole, remains open.

In the process of evolution of our Universe energy with two dimension of length partly passes to the matter with three dimension of length. A matter generates in our Universe black holes that give beginning to the new universes in the eightmeasured space. After Big Bang in the eightmeasured space our matter with three measuring of length grows into energy of the eightmeasured universe. Et cetera. The process of space evolution can develop for ever and ever.

During an evolution one 4-dimension universe generates the great number of 6-dimension universes. In turn every 6-dimension universe generates the great number of the 8-dimension universes. It look like the process of spawning. All 6-dimension universe, generated by one 4-dimension universe, can be in the mutually perpendicular dimension, that eliminates their cross-coupling on each other. Each of universes is mapped to all other universes as a point. The 8-dimension universes can be formed just.

In regard to faster-than-light part of universes of any type the theory of symmetry deserves attention in relation to velocity of light. Energy and matter of slower-than-light part freely move in three dimension of length and hardly fixed in the continuous stream of three dimension of time. Dark energy and dark matter freely move in three dimension of time and hardly fixed in the continuous stream of three dimension of length. Even if it not so, possibility of existence of universes of similar type does not need to be thrown down from accounts.

A transition process from a black hole to Big Bang requires an additional study. Mathematically he can be described by the operations of multiplication and division by zero. There are grounds to suppose that the trigger mechanism of gravitational collapse, resulting in appearance of black hole, is space geometry. This question will be considered additionally.

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