Theorem about parallel lines, thought of in motion

While I wrote about the types of triangles, I was visited by one idea - I thought of a theorem about parallel lines. She sounds so:

distance between parallel lines (by planes, volumes etc.) it is impossible to define mathematical methods

To engage in proof of this theorem about parallel lines we will not be now with you. We will leave proof on the future. If are wishing to prove or refute this theorem - occupy.

You can argue that there are very much tasks in the textbooks of mathematics, where it is needed to find distance between parallel lines and all of them decide mathematical methods. I agree, but... In the textbooks of mathematics I am much such, what is not present in mathematics. Yet more in mathematics what is not present in the textbooks of mathematics. Little by little we will understand with you, who is who in mathematics and where it undertakes from. And we will begin from unsolvable equalizations.

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