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The problem about the garden area

The problem about the garden area. The garden occupies 80 hectares. Apple trees occupy 5/8 of the area, and 31% of cherries. Mathematics for blondes.
The problem about the garden area

Why such a strange image to task about the area of the garden? Because the problem itself, to put it mildly, very strange. Here's how it sounds:

The garden occupies 80 hectares. Apple trees occupy 5/8 of the area, and 31% of cherry trees. How many hectares of area under apple trees larger than the area under the cherry trees?

Let's first solve this problem for those students who want to write off the stupid decision, and only then talk about the strangeness of this problem.

The first action we define the area that is occupied by apple trees in the garden. To do this, the total area of the garden should be multiplied by the fractional expression of the area under apple trees.

80 * 5/8 = 50 ha

The second area of action is determined that the garden occupied cherry trees. Take the common garden area, multiplied by the number of cherry trees per cent and 100 per cent share. Interest on interest reduced and as a result we get an area of hectares.

80 * 31%: 100% = 24.8 ha

The area under apple trees we really get more than the area under the cherry trees. Takes away from smaller and larger area of the results.

50 - 24.8 = 25.2 ha

Answer: The area under apple trees on 25.2 hectares more than the area under the cherry trees.

Without checking any decision can be considered incorrect. How to check the solution to this problem? It is necessary to put together the area under apple trees and the area under the cherry trees. This result should be compared with the total area of the garden. If the sum is greater than the total area, so we decided not to challenge properly. If the sum is equal to or less than the total area, so our decision is correct.

50 + 24.8 = 74.8 hectares of less than 80 hectares

In most curious students immediately arises a natural question: what else is growing in this delicious daze, about what we were afraid to tell?

It was a children's nursery problem solution. Now the conversation for adults. This is the task of the textbook, which approved the Ministry of Education as an educational tool. The condition of this problem and at the same time used the percentage of fractional parts of a whole. Normal literate people'd never allow it. They used a ratio or percentage. Only an idiot is able to dump everything into one pile. The author of this task is illiterate idiot who either do not understand what he was doing, or for approval of a textbook command is ready to do anything. Stati, the quality of textbooks is very well characterizes the quality of all education. Our education is built on the principle of "one fools compose tutorials, others say they are fools".

For example, I'll write down the number on the same principle that is used by the author about the problem area of ​​the garden. I simultaneously use two forms of records: number and letter. That's what I got:

2 thousand three hundred 45

As you can see, only idiots can do so. Competent people will write down this number as follows:

2345 or two thousand three hundred forty-five

Why am I so vehemently opposed to such problems? Children - they are like a sponge that absorbs everything. If it is written in the book, then you can do so. As a result, we get the next portion of the idiots who write stupid textbooks that stupid leadership approves a flock of idiots. Just because they are so used to be taught.

What would you say there is not mathematics, but knowledge of mathematics lies not in the ability to accurately repeat all the things the teacher taught. Knowledge of mathematics - is the ability to competently and simply express their thoughts in the language of mathematics.

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