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At the first lesson we saw off
Short analysis of trigonometric functions

Lesson 2

Transformations of a triangle to a rectangle

If to combine two rectangular triangles on diagonal so that the rectangle turned out, then the hypotenuse of a triangle will turn into rectangle diagonal, and the parties of a triangle will turn into the parties of a rectangle. The trigonometrical relations of a triangle turn into the trigonometrical relations of a rectangle.

Transformations of a triangle to a rectangle. Mathematics For Blondes.
Transformations of a triangle to a rectangle

Angular symmetry in a rectangle

Diagonal of a rectangle divides a right angle into two trigonometrical angles. The name of a trigonometric function depends on what angle we will take for definition of its numerical value. At the same time the numerical result does not depend on our choice.

Angular symmetry in a rectangle

Names of trigonometric functions and the name of angles possess properties of an angular symmetry. At the same time a symmetry of AND functions of angles are inseparably linked among themselves. If we take the symmetric function and the symmetric angle, then the result will remain invariable. We apply an angular symmetry twice. The similar situation turns out in a plane geometry. If twice to apply a reflecting symmetry, then nothing will change. In algebra analog of an angular and reflecting symmetry is multiplication to minus unit. If an algebraic expression to increase unit by minus twice, the algebraic expression will remain the same.

Reflecting symmetry, the inverse symmetry, angular symmetry, multiplication to minus unit are manifestations of the same law of a symmetry under different conditions.

Considering a symmetry of trigonometric functions, they can be united pairwise in separate groups, each of which expresses particular type of dependence between angles and numbers.

At the following lesson we will consider
Three main types of trigonometric functions

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