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The linear angular functions

Lesson 15


As a result of addition of two different quantities the third quantity turns out. At addition of change occurs in a number domain, the area of units of measure does not change. Addition is possible only for parallel quantities with identical units of measure. Addition reflects the quantitative changes of quantities.


For realization of addition of two different quantities with units of measure in different scales (the corner of scale of units of measure is not equal to zero), it is necessary to change the scale of units of measure so that the scale corner between them equaled to zero. At the same time does not matter, the first item, the second or both changes at once.

It is impossible to put two identical numbers with different units of measure as the result does not make sense.


Transformation of result of addition of pieces to the parties of a rectangle looks so.

Addition and rectangle. Mathematics For Blondes.
Addition and rectangle

Items can be presented as the party of a rectangle, then a half of perimeter of a rectangle is result of addition. For any sum it is possible to define the linear angular functions if items are known.

At the following lesson we will consider
Decomposition on items

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