Mathematicians lie

I watched the video One minus one plus one minus one - Numberphile. Mathematicians lie. They did not perform an equality test in the course of their reasoning.

Mathematicians lie. Mathematics for blondes.
Mathematicians lie

Confirmation of my reasoning about infinite sets.

Let's take a closer look at how mathematicians deceive us. At the beginning of the discussion, mathematicians say that the sum of the sequence DEPENDS on whether the number of elements in it is even or not. This is an OBJECTIVELY INSTALLED FACT. What happens next?

Further, mathematicians subtract the sequence from unity. What does this lead to? This leads to a change in the number of elements in the sequence - an even number changes to odd, odd changes to even. This happens because we added one element to the sequence equal to one. Despite all the external similarities, the sequence before the conversion is not equal to the sequence after the conversion. Even if we are talking about an infinite sequence, we must remember that an infinite sequence with an odd number of elements is not equal to an infinite sequence with an even number of elements.

Putting an equal sign between two different sequences in terms of the number of elements, mathematicians argue that the sum of the sequence DOES NOT DEPEND on the number of elements in the sequence, which contradicts the OBJECTIVELY ESTABLISHED FACT. Further considerations about the sum of an infinite sequence are false, because they are based on false equality.
If you see that during the proofs mathematicians put brackets, rearrange elements of mathematical expression, add or remove something, be very careful, most likely they are trying to deceive you. Like card cheaters, mathematicians by various manipulations with expression distract your attention in order to palm off on you a false result. You cannot repeat a trick with cards without knowing the secret of deception. Everything is much simpler in mathematics, mathematicians themselves may not know anything about deception. It is enough for them to repeat the reasoning that they have been taught.

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