Thursday, August 11, 2022

Multiplication by zero in physics

To finish talking about multiplication by zero, consider an example from physics. There, all laws are written using multiplication. But, unlike mathematicians, physicists understand at least a little what they are talking about.

And so, for simplicity, consider Ohm's law. The simplest option: multiplying current by resistance gives voltage. I specifically use the language and style of mathematicians to describe a physical law. After all, we are trying to understand mathematics. Let's write this in physical notation.

I * R = U

Next, we write a mathematical example of multiplication.

a * b = c

Now find four differences. We have only the appearance of the three letters is different, everything else is the same. If one of the mathematicians begins to assert that the first expression has nothing to do with the second, then I have a question: why is such mathematics needed? Only for cramming? Multiplication perfectly describes physical laws, if by multiplication we mean interaction.

As a result of the interaction of current with resistance, a voltage is obtained. Electricity is given to us by a power plant. Resistance is provided by wires with a light bulb inside the room. The interaction of these physical quantities gives a voltage, which is expressed in the radiance of a light bulb. If there is current and wires, then there is voltage - the bulb is on.

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Multiplication by zero in physics

Consider the case where multiplication does not occur. The neighbor has electricity, we have wires, but we have no voltage. The light does not burn because the neighbor's current does not interact with our wires and the light bulb. This sad fact is similar to zero in formulas.

I and R = 0

a and b = 0

Now we will consider two cases of multiplication by zero. In the first case, everything is connected correctly, but the power plant does not work. As a result, the lamp does not light up. There is no interaction, no multiplication occurs.

0 * R = 0

0 * b = 0

In the second case, the power plant is working, but we do not have a light bulb. There is no interaction between resistance and current. Again, no multiplication occurs.

I * 0 = 0

a * 0 = 0

As an example from physics shows, multiplication by zero does not occur. The sacred definition of mathematicians "any number multiplied by zero equals zero" is no more than a shaman's lament while dancing with a tambourine.

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