Negative numbers: numbers game

You have all seen the game of chess. Adults go on stage, sit at a table opposite each other and start the game.

Let's organize a similar numbers game between two mathematicians. The rule is very simple - the mathematician who correctly depicts the number axis wins.

There is a piece of paper between the players. There is already ONE straight line drawn on the sheet. The players' task is to turn this line into a number axis. Players sit down at the table and start the game.

Players draw a zero, place an arrow in the direction of positive numbers, and choose the size of one unit. After this, positive numbers and negative numbers appear on the playing field. Game over.

Numbers axis. Numbers game. Positive numbers and negative numbers. Mathematics for blondes.
Numbers axis. Numbers game.

The game ended in a draw. Both mathematicians drew the number axis correctly, as they were taught. Further, the winner can be determined by the number of scientific publications or through a boxing match.

What did we get? All numbers are both positive and negative at the same time. The sign of the number depends on which side we look at the number аxis.

The secret is that in nature numbers have no sign. The plus and minus signs are a reflection of our own opinion about a particular number. This opinion may be different for two different people.

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