Monday, August 16, 2010

Division by zero

It is accepted to consider in mathematics, that division by zero not possibly, as a result of division of number by zero can not be certain. Yet mathematicians it is said that division of number by zero behaves to the mathematical operations, to not making sense. Wikipedia asserts on this occasion, that in arithmetic, division by a zero is forbidden. Therefore, when in examples there is division by zero, it is said that an example does not have a decision, as division by zero is forbidden. This mathematical rule behaves to all, even to the blondes.

It becomes firmly established in very clever mathematical books, that division by zero possibly. More precisely, mathematicians thought of sly tricks, what this division by zero to go round a side. They are sure that it succeeded them. So, if in conversation with a clever mathematician, you will hear a phrase "I am able to divide by zero!", not surprised, your interlocutor believes sincerely, that it is possible.

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