How does a rectangular trapezoid look?

A rectangular trapezoid has such kind:

It is a rectangular trapeze. Rectangular trapezoid pictures. Mathematics  for blondes.
It is a rectangular trapeze.
At a rectangular trapezoid I always am two lines of corner. On a picture direct corners are marked little squares in tops A and D. Direct corners can be situated in two any contiguous tops of trapezoid.

It is a rectangular trapeze. Original appearance of  rectangular trapezoid. Mathematics  for blondes presents a  geometrical figure trapezoid. A  trapezoid is a quadrangle. Rectangular trapezoid pics, trapezoid pictures. Nikolay Khyzhnjak.
It is a rectangular trapeze.
On this picture of rectangular trapezoid direct corners are located in tops B and С.

In mathematics there is determination of rectangular trapezoid, which over is brought and in Wikipedia: the rectangular is name a trapezoid at which even one corner of line. This classic determination of rectangular trapezoid, bluntly rewritten from sacred mathematical books. In Euclidean geometry a rectangular trapezoid always has two lines of corner, as two sides trapezoids, called grounds, are parallel. Segment BC, formative a direct corner with founding of АВ, will be always perpendicular to the second founding of CD. With one or three direct corners there can be only a curvilinear rectangular trapezoid, and it is quite another other class of geometrical figures already.

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