Legend about Sine and Cosine (completion)

Legend about Sine and Cosine. Сompletion. Modern World. Pythagorean theorem. Mathematics For Blondes.
Legend about Sine and Cosine. Сompletion.

Beginning of Legend about Sine and Cosine

In decision of Mathematics, Sine and Cosine appeared forever bound in a direct corner. Exactly from a that mournful day, Day of Sentence, Sine and Cosine live on different parties of one direct corner. Unit untiringly watches after execution of sentence. Where was not one of brothers-twins, the second always will be in the distance, equal to Unit. If Sine will consider itself equal to Unit, Cosine grows into a zero. If Cosine becomes equal to Unit, Sine grows into a zero. Such is Sentence of Mathematics. In the different worlds he is named variously, Gods of him call "Sorrow of Sentence". In your world him it is accepted to name "Theorem of Pythagoras".

From the same pores Sine and Cosine never met and will no longer meet. There will not be more disputes between them about that, who of them main. Mathematics deprived them even rights to communicate inter se. As a mediator at the relations of Sine and Cosine Reverse Symmetry was appointed - for the unsurpassed talent of diplomat. When she socializes with Sine, then appears Tangent. She assures Sine, that he is more main, as is in a numerator, and Cosine - in the denominator of shot. When Reverse Symmetry socializes with Cosine, she sets up for Cotangent and assures Cosine, that he is more main, as takes seat in a numerator, and somewhere there, in to the bottom, in a denominator, there is Sine. After such socializing with Reverse Symmetry both Sine and Cosine feel incredibly happy, in fact the cherished dream of each came true of them - to be main.

For socializing with the surrounding world Sine and Cosine have a single circle. Any persons interested can pass from this circle either to Cosine or to Sine. They are always very glad to the guests and certainly the Sacred Books show to them, each it. Yes, exactly that book which it is written in, that he - main. With care wrapped in shreds, these books are kept each of them, as the most expensive relicts.

But rarely who of Gods dare glance in dwelling of Sine or Cosine. Gods know how jealously these two mites watch after guests, especially after those guests which go not to them. A guest failed to appear in what place of single circle, Sine knows exactly, what distance a guest will pass to Cosine. Cosine knows just, what distance dissociates a guest from Sine. Therefore swingeing majority of guests straight from a single circle ask interesting them distance and disappear on the businesses.

Fuss of single circle is almost continuous. Here always many visitors, not giving to miss to Sine and Cosine. But are in their life such minutes, on which even Gods try not to look...

In rare periods of calm, when the last visitor disappears from a single circle, Sine and Cosine go out to the corner in forty five degrees, again becoming indistinguishable. They turn the little persons to each other, trying to look over though something through endless distance of Unit... Almost not visible tears flow down On their cheeks... A Sine and Cosine with an inexpressible melancholy remember that distant and happy time. Time, when they were together...

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