Friday, November 12, 2010

Why is trigonometry needed?

If to judge on that trigonometry which me unsuccessfully tried to teach at school and in the subsequent years of my studies, then trigonometry is thought of exceptionally in an order to complicate life to us. Sometimes, here and there, very rarely in life it was necessary to run into trigonometry, and that only because at school I was taught to decide some tasks through trigonometric functions.

Today I a few othergates I look at all things in general, and on trigonometry in particular. I became a blonde on character of thought and I see everything in characters, but not I learn by heart bluntly someone the thought of rules and determinations. So, from the height of flight of blond idea, I can bravely declare, whatever mathematicians understand, what trigonometry. They thought of many determinations, swept everything, that can be swept, in one heap, drew many pictures, made many tables glad, as children - present all of it to us. And we rush about with all this trigonometry, as a crackpot.

Why is trigonometry needed? Twice two equal four? Mathematics For Blondes.
Why is trigonometry needed?
And meantime, trigonometry - it one of the most important things in the surrounding us world. It is needed only to dissociate trigonometry from other mathematical concepts which in trigonometry are ordinary garbage. you did culinary recipes read? We will "take a soupspoon that, we will add полстакана of it, will season here by this nasty thing and all is careful we will mix - a dish is ready, I ask to the table". But it is possible to prepare and on other principle: "take all edible, that will manage to find in a house, pour it in a large tub, carefully mix and gorge on a health, enjoy your meal". School trigonometry is prepared exactly on such recipe. Once I was handsomely tangled at the decision of geodesic task with the use of mathematical reference book. But it is other history.

I will make an effort, besides standard school letups, to show the component elements of different mathematical dishes to you. Skilful cooks use the comparatively limited set of foods, but can create all variety of national kitchens of the world. It is just possible to act and in mathematics. You will be very surprised, knowing, from what a few of component elements it is possible to create the most different mathematical masterpieces. The determination of natural numbers, integers and the brandname recipe of receipt of the greatest in the world number I already gave you. Let us a bit understand with school trigonometry, and then I will show you, as through trigonometry it is possible to measure one of most important for us things - is love.

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