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Division by zero is maybe!

Division by zero is considered impossible. Why? Because so mathematicians consider and learn others to think in the same way. Why mathematicians so consider? And here it is already interesting question. Everything that you will read further, can show to the friends and girlfriends, but do not take in head to show to mathematicians. Mathematicians can consider that you it is cleverer than them and terribly and cruelly to you will revenge. And you after all perfectly know that such revenge. Here when become the mathematician then can argue on a theme of division into a zero. Now we will try to understand, why division by zero is impossible?

We open a page of Wikipedia "Zero" (in Russian language) and attentively we read that to us offers collective reason. Mathematicians take number a and divide it into 0 (zero). Include the mathematical logic Further and begin reasonings. Let as a result of division the number c has turned out. In this case at number multiplication c by zero we should receive number a. But at multiplication to a zero of any number the zero as a result turns out. From this it follows that the number c cannot be result of division of number an by zero.

Personally I think hardly. We will try to write down all it easier:

a : 0 = c

c · 0 = a

Yes, really, not beautifully it turns out, especially wrong second equality. So in the mathematician does not happen. After all all know that any number increased by a zero, equals to zero.

Here it is a high time to remember a small lesson of history. Once, very long time ago, ALL considered that the Earth is a flat island in the middle of an ocean chasm which keeps on backs of three whales. This island is the World Center round which, on heavenly spheres, different features rotate: the sun, the Moon, asterisks.

Division by zero maybe! Earth on three whale. Mathematics  for blondes.
Division by zero is maybe!
Those who thought differently, it was accepted to burn on fires. Now we became more civilised, on fires we burn nobody. But to put in you the two or fill up you at examination can very simply.

And the lesson of this history says: ALL can be mistaken. If ALL around will start to be hung up, I hope, you not begin to do the same? In other words, the opinion of one person or opinion of the majority of people CAN be ERRONEOUS. If we do not acquire this lesson of history, history to us it will give once again, and once again until we will not grow wiser. Apparently, the situation with division into a zero is a repetition of lesson already passed by us.

a · 0 = 0

Now we will execute transformations and we will receive:

0 : a = 0

0 : 0 = a

The first turned out line corresponds to a mathematical rule which says that if a zero to divide into any number, the zero as a result will turn out. Concerning the second line of mathematics speak, expression a zero to divide into a zero it is not meaningful, as cannot be defined. Hi-hi, and we have defined that the zero деленный on a zero equals to any number. To which number? And what number is necessary to you, such and write. By the way, one rich dad searched to itself in the firm of chief accountant. To all applicants, besides other, it asked a question: "How many will be twice two?". For work it has accepted the person who has answered this question with the question: "And how many it is necessary to you?".

And so, mathematicians want to see concrete number, instead of the general phrase as a result of division by zero. For this reason they consider division by zero impossible. Here it is a high time to remember the second lesson of history.

You about integrals heard? If is not present, it is not terrible. It looks so: the uncertain integral something equals to something plus a constant. What is "constant"? This any number which we do not know. Yes-yes, just the same unknown number, as well as result of division by zero. So, the integral is not meaningful? Has not only sense, but also it is often applied in engineering calculations. Focus consists that the uncertain integral is only the theory. In practical calculations certain integrals are applied. When business reaches the certain integrals, all problems with a constant, that is unknown number, disappear. As a result of integration quite concrete numbers turn out.

Why it is possible to find integral and to divide into a zero it is impossible? I think that in due time engineers have come to mathematicians on a throat and the decision of a concrete problem have demanded. Mathematicians have thought up integrals and ways of their finding. It has saved to mathematicians life.

Why engineers so will not make with division by zero? To the decision of practical problems with division by zero to our engineers still as to babies to pension. Engineers simply have not grown to this level of knowledge and technics. And to mathematicians division by zero and so will descend. What difference that you to learn? Nobel Prizes do not give to them so what for once again in vain to strain.

Considering the second lesson of history, it is possible to declare with all responsibility that arguments of mathematicians concerning impossibility of division by zero are not accepted, as in a similar case with uncertain integrals were them, mathematicians, are denied.

Division by zero is maybe. We are not able to divide into a zero yet. Anything shameful in it is not present. The third lesson of history. Once people in general were not able to divide. Even number on number. Anything, have learnt both to divide, and to integrate. We will learn and on a zero to divide. Certainly, if for it us will not burn on fires. Or to arrange round us wild dances of shamans under a tambourine, inspiring us the sacred spells "Division by zero it is impossible!", "Division by zero is not meaningful!".

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