Division of number into a zero

Last time we have considered possibility of division into a zero, and have come to conclusion that Division by zero is maybe. But it was only the half of a problem of division into a zero which decision we undertook. There is one more set of the equations of division into a zero which we are simply obliged to consider.

We have very cheerfully laughed over Wikipedia, now has come turn of all of the others to laugh over us. We will try to answer on a question that will turn out if to try to divide any number into a zero. That the number as a result cannot turn out, we have neatly noticed. Then, what can turn out? Not clearly that. We will designate it "not clearly that" which turns out as a result of division of number into a zero, a question mark. At us such small set of the mathematical equations will turn out:

a : 0 = ?

0 · ? = a

a : ? = 0

Now the equations received from the equation of division of number on a zero, we will try to sound and compare to the rules accepted in the mathematician. If a zero to divide on not clear that, any number as a result will turn out. As we know from the previous message, it is possible to assume only that any number turns out as a result of division of zero into a zero.

If any number to divide on not clear that, the zero as a result will turn out. As we know, in the mathematician all occurs just what isn't needed: the zero turns out as a result of division of zero into any number.

We include logic of blondes and we start to think, how to us with this most "to be not clear that"? How, how? Yes in any way! We will substitute instead of a question mark a zero - and there are not problems. Then at us rather nice equations with zeroes will turn out:

a : 0 = 0

0 · 0 = a

a : 0 = 0

Here! The first and last equations coincide now and it is not necessary nothing to think out! Well, and that the zero increased by a zero at us equals to any number, means nothing. There should be whence that any numbers? It is such sleeve of the mathematician-conjurer from which it always gets them. "Let any number is given us..." All around sit, mouths поразевали, have listened openmouthed, eyes around ransack in search of any number, and mathematics in the meantime, imperceptibly, from the sleeve, gets this most any number and shows to spectators. All spectators in delight clap in palms. But we that know that in a sleeve at the mathematician division of zero into a zero is hidden. Or multiplication of a zero to a zero? Oh, with this zero absolutely it is possible to get confused.

Here we, as real mathematicians, have come to the equation:

0 : 0 = 0 · 0 = a

And after all all know that any number increased by a zero, equals to zero, instead of any number. Again at all of us will laugh. Mathematicians this problem cannot already solve some hundreds years, that already only did not think out. Now we stand near to them in a deaf corner in which ourselves have tired out ourselves and from which there is no exit, we look against each other and we wipe the snotty noses.

It is possible to put, of course, instead of a question mark an infinity badge. But what such infinity? Basically, this same any number, only very much the big. Means, this variant is not necessary.

As we see, the problem with division into a zero does not dare. Though we have come to a conclusion that the decision should be.

Let's next time try begin all with the beginning. Only not from that beginning from which, and division into a zero begins with that beginning with which the zero begins.

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