Saturday, February 05, 2011

Enter number, how many there will be a factorial of three

"Enter number, how many there will be a factorial of three" Ogo! Here it is an ambush for blondes! Judging by that is written "enter number" is a site of any pervert from mathematics asks to enter into a window number. I would be frightened of such request! Same it is necessary to be such sadist that the visitors by means of a torture factorial to arrange! And it would be desirable to ask: "And you, the clever man, can count a factorial of four?! Or without the calculator poorly?!" Is not present, with this disgrace it is necessary to struggle. Anybody from Internet users is not obliged to know factorials - the Internet exists for all. It is obvious discrimination of blondes!

With a view of struggle against similar mathematical rudeness, we will create the small table of factorials for the aid to poor blondes and not only to it.

0! = 1
1! = 1
2! = 1 х 2 = 2
3! = 1 х 2 х 3 = 6
4! = 1 х 2 х 3 х 4 = 24
5! = 1 х 2 х 3 х 4 х 5 = 120

And so, the zero factorial is equal to unit, unit factorial is equal to unit, the factorial of two is equal to two, the factorial of three is equal six, the factorial of four is equal twenty four, the factorial of five is equal hundred twenty. I think, it will be quite enough for personal self-defence on the Internet.

By the way, as chance offers can ask those, who considers itself strongly literate, whether they know, how many figures at a factorial, well... For example, two hundred fifty five? In this number of five hundred five figures!!!

255! = 3350850684932979117652665123754814942022584063591740702576779884286208799035732771005626138126763314259280802118502282445926550135522251856727692533193070412811083330325659322041700029792166250734253390513754466045711240338462701034020262992581378423147276636643647155396305352541105541439434840109915068285430675068591638581980604162940383356586739198268782104924614076605793562865241982176207428620969776803149467431386807972438247689158656000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

This number is five times longer, than the well-known number googol, in which only one unit and hundred zeroes. And at us five hundred five it is not simple zeroes, and different numbers)))

I hope, to anybody from you will not offer: "Enter number, how many there will be a factorial of two hundred fifty five")))

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