Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Mathematics - the blonde searches x

Mathematics - the blonde searches x. Rectangular triangle, theorem of Pythagoras. Humour about blondes picture. Mathematics for blondes.
Mathematics - the blonde searches x

The blonde searches x is a classical picture at which all Internet laughed. We have laughed also. And now we will try to understand, whether so it is ridiculous. What is told in the task? "Find х". What has the blonde made? It has found x and has shown it. Where it is told, it is necessary what to search for VALUE x? Remember the childhood when mum spoke to you "Show on a picture rabbit". You stuck with a finger in rabbit on a picture, and your mum admired the cleverest child.

The task "Find х" it is possible to understand on a miscellaneous. The blonde, from the engineering point of view, has carried out the task excellent - with the least expenses of time and forces. Give for a minute we will glance in any office. The director speaks to the manager on purchases (now fashionably all to call managers): "Find..." - also names the goods. What, the manager removes all money from accounts department and buys the named goods for all sum? No. Though it also is the manager on purchases, it simply collects all information on the named goods. It transfers this information to the director. And already the director solves, where, how many and at what price the goods need to be bought. Or while not to buy at all. So all normal managers arrive.

Really, surrounding conditions impose some stereotype of behaviour. As at the trained animals. If you the manager on purchases, without direct instructions what exactly to buy, buy it is necessary nothing. That to you would not speak. If you pass the decision of the equations in school, means on command "find х" you should search for value "x", instead of a dagger on a picture. So all arrive clever (and it would be desirable to write "little monkeys") pupils.

And blondes - they others. They well remember, to that them learnt in the childhood. They consider the children's decision as more simple. Really, what for to be soared with any decision when it is possible to show simply on a picture this most whether икс, whether a dagger. You consider yourselves already adult, and laugh at the naive children's decision of the blonde? And let's look at you, the adult, values x's finding, at other lesson...

... And so, you at a geography lesson, stand near with a pointer in hands of a card and the teacher speaks to you: "Find Honduras". You feverishly rummage eyes on a card in search of Honduras, but it anywhere is not present! Here to you nothing can already help - neither ability to find value x, nor knowledge of the Pythagorean theorem... Everything that from you is required it it is stupid to stick with a pointer into this ill-starred Honduras. You perplexed look in a class where tens fingers show in the most different corners of globe and you are even more lost. An unseeing sight having stared in a card, you suddenly understand that the teacher specially for you has brought today on this lesson a card WITHOUT Honduras!!! Doomed having lowered a pointer and eyes, at the very bottom of a card, you distinctly see an inscription tiny letters - even in a magnifier it is impossible to read it! But you already precisely know that there is written "printed in printing house "Revenge of the teacher". Circulation 1 copy (without Honduras)"...

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