How to memorize trigonometric functions?

How to memorize trigonometric functions? This question is set to itself very many at the study of trigonometric functions. On own experience I know that this business is not simple. Through many years I succeeded to carry two moments only, that behave to the trigonometric functions. First, that well burned into my memory, this determination of trigonometric functions generally: a trigonometric function is this relation something to something. Thus in memory at once there is a shot, at that I do not remember that stands in a numerator forgot that was in a denominator. From all trigonometric relations I remember only a tangent: a tangent is a sine on a cosine. A sine costs on the first place, he means in the numerator of shot. A cosine stands on the second place, he means in the denominator of shot. Sines with cosines I generally on life always mixed up. To the last time...

I succeeded to find a that failing element that so was not enough in the days of my educating. Today even I can faultlessly dab with a finger in a cosine to tell that on what in him divided.

The portrait of tangent appeared this magic stick. Yes, yes, not surprised - exactly portrait, at a look to that faultlessly know a tangent. This portrait of tangent is only work by oil of genius artist of beginning twenty the first century, that on auction of Sothebys in 2137 was sold for one hundred million dollars. Oddly enough, but a picture is written was on reverse side of canvas. Where do I it know from? I am a mathematician and I am able to see the future. By the way, yesterday I spoke with this artist, he asserts that such picture did not yet write, but an idea very pleased him. Specially for you I publish reproduction of this masterpiece here.

Masterpiece. Tangent portrait. Mathematics for blondes.
Masterpiece. Tangent portrait.

Now we have all for creation of our own trigonometric Bible that will need to be learned by heart. Do not be frightened, in our Bible there will be only one line:

Tangent - is sine by cosine

One-only picture from this Bible I already showed you. Now, as the most real preacher, I will teach you all of it it is correct to read. I think, the best method of educating will be a gape-seed of trigonometric comics. Let in the near time by it and we will engage: trigonometric functions.

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