Monday, April 20, 2015

Stupid triangle top view

Maybe it's someone not very pleasant, but stupid triangles does not happen, there are only stupid people. But wits on the Internet are often looking for a stupid triangle, top view which they would very much like to see. Show.

Stupid triangle top view. Obtuse triangle. Mathematics for blondes.
Stupid triangle top view

First, let's talk about the name of this type of triangles. Call similar triangles stupid - a sign of illiteracy. As they say now, "politically correct" will call such triangles "obtuse". All the triangles which have one angle greater than 90 degrees, are obtuse triangle. It's not a shame, is not a defect, just that physique is obtuse triangles. However, each obtuse triangle always has a couple of sharp corners. So, just in case.

Now let's talk about the kinds. No triangles on the kinds and types of top side of the window. Obtuse triangle top looks exactly the same as the bottom. But the side view is not pleasing to the eye - is just a regular interval. From the window you are unlikely to consider anything, but in a notebook at a neighbor's party this triangle you can see from many angles. In this case the obtuse triangle will look quite different, what it looks like from above. Describe such a wonderful transformation is possible by means of projective geometry, descriptive geometry, trigonometry, or poems. Who like more.

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