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Decomposition on factors

Lesson 13


Contrary to the standard opinion, division is not mathematical operation. This solution of a standard task of finding of one of factors if other factor and result of multiplication is known. In ancient Babylon the fraction was considered as result of multiplication of number to inverse other number. Even in the modern mathematics there is no division of one fraction into other fraction, this operation is replaced with multiplication of a dividend to fraction, inverse to a divider.

Division can be considered as a projection of result of multiplication along one of factors. For example, length is a projection of the area along width, width is a projection of the area along length.

The most interesting in this plan is the speed which is measured by the lengthiest, divided into time. If to assume that length is result of multiplication of two perpendicular directions of time, then speed is a projection of length (the area of time) along one of the directions of time. For a comprehension of the nature and an essence of light velocity, this approach can be the very useful.

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The linear angular functions

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