Bermuda triangle and eternal youth

The Bermuda triangle is, we already spoke about it, when considered a triangle. With the Bermuda triangle it is connected a lot of mysterious and terrible stories. That in these stories truth, and that a usual advertising gimmick for advertising of favourite, - is difficult to understand. The Bermudas triangle on a card looks so:

Bermuda triangle and eternal youth. Mathematics for blondes.
Bermuda triangle

We will not remember all stories connected with the Bermuda triangle, and to assort them on stones. On the Internet it is information full. We will consider only one, curious enough, a case connected with the Bermuda triangle.

The passenger plane "the Boeing 727" with passengers onboard from Atlantic ocean flies up to the airport of Miami. According to rules, the crew spends verification of hours with land services. In 20 minutes the plane disappears from screens of a radar. Radio contact to plane has interrupted. In 10 minutes after disappearance, the plane again appears on screens of a radar. The plane has safely landed. A whole hours passengers and the plane lagged behind for 10 minutes. Anybody from crew or passengers unusual has not noticed anything.

Truth it or fiction? Our habit always and all to say lies, and also the mania of government officials to code all, does not give us possibility precisely to answer this question. If it is fiction - it is a pity. If it is truth - before us interesting enough possibilities open.

Present that you have come to school. Today at you control on the mathematician. The lesson begins, the teacher gives out all the task. After that you imperceptibly get a small charm from the beautician, press a button - the teacher disappears. You easy solve all examples and problems. By the end of a lesson the teacher appears again. With astonishment looks at the watch in a class - shout, ор, but the lesson already comes to an end and it is necessary to collect examinations. Naturally, control all have written this perfectly well!

Whether it is possible to use such charm what to keep the youth? Yes. It is necessary simply most to disappear for some time. All around live, grow old - and you here are not present. It is possible to disappear for the period of vacation. And it is possible to disappear and for all academic year - how many the time you can save! Present, your girlfriends ugly old cows, and you - young and beautiful! Here the main thing - not to overdo. Passing employment, you risk to turn in обезьянку from a zoo. With you all will be photographed, feed you with bananas, and you nothing will not think from this that round you occurs.

And if it is serious, the similar charm will help to keep lives to people in extreme situations. For example, if urgent medical aid is necessary to the person, and this help it is necessary to wait. That the person has not died, you do so that it has disappeared and return it already after occurrence of doctors which can rescue this person.

Fantasy it or real possibility? From the point of view of mathematics here all speaks simply enough. If you have a desire in it to understand - write in comments. We can plunge into this mathematical jungle. But consider that mathematics specific enough science. Look how simply to become the millionaire from the point of view of mathematics: scrape out from a purse all money which at you are, and add to them one million dollars. All - you the proprietress of treasured one million. Where and as you this one million dollars take - mathematics at all does not excite. But the mathematics can prompt variants. It is possible to find one rich man which will give you one million. And it is possible to find one million not rich man which will give to you on one dollar, the same one million dollars as a result will turn out.

You ask, and how eternal youth? Elementary. Disappear from this world young and beautiful. Also do not come back any more never. Than this way differs from death? From our point of view - practically than. So for preservation of eternal youth it is necessary to look for other recipes.

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