Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Trigonometric functions are determination

Determination of trigonometric functions I took from Russian-language part of Wikipedia and designed as a picture. You can look and read.

Trigonometric functions are determination about the coordinates of point and radius of circumference. Sine, cosine, tangent, cotangent, secant, cosecant, radius of circumference, coordinate of point. Mathematics for blondes.
Picture, naturally, I a bit did. In Wikipedia text of determination of trigonometric functions is written about one - about the coordinates of point and radius of circumference, and on a picture quite another is drawn. Probably, an artist from Wikipedia looked not in the that page of textbook on mathematics. Well yet, that he the textbook of mathematics with a textbook on biology did not entangle. Here that turned out for him.

Trigonometric functions are determination. Mathematics for blondes.
Many of you can say: "I do not understand trigonometry. That to do"? Do the same, that do all mathematicians - bluntly teach determinations and, if necessary, pronounce them aloud, as talking parrots. For this purpose unseal my picture, hang up it above a bed and every evening before a dream read determination of trigonometric functions instead of prayer. I will open to you one great secret of mathematicians : those, who rewrites the determination given above from a textbook in a textbook, very small understand in mathematics in general, and quite nothing is understood in trigonometric functions in particular. Those, who understands, what trigonometric functions and able to use them, on all Universe travel in flying piattis. We hardly tear away the priests from a terrene through airplanes and rockets. By the way, would you like to exchange it stinking petrol car on an elegant flying object of UFO type?

If did you already read my notes How to memorize trigonometric functions? and the Trigonometric functions, then to you teaching nothing is not necessary. All, that it is needed for formulation of any determination of trigonometric functions, you know already. Later I will show you, as to use these knowledge. And while we will keep reading Wikipedia, where talked about determination of trigonometric functions for a rectangular triangle.

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