Variable units of measure

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Variable units of measure

Example of variable units of measure are exchange rates of the different countries. The main world currencies are in continuous fluctuation. They are connected by laws of the inverse symmetry – rise in price of one currency means reduction in cost of other currency.

One more example. Why people never celebrate such significant day how "The Middle of Life"? Because nobody knows the precise duration of characteristic life. After death such important parameter as "life expectancy", ceases to change. Similar indeterminacy is characteristic of all living beings.

If to take duration of existence of an alive organism for unit, then the description in variable units of measure will be the most precise mathematical description of any life. As the beginning of this unit of measure it is necessary to consider the conception moment (at sexual manifolding), the end is the death. It is necessary to notice that increase in life expectancy of concrete organisms is not a priority in natural selection.

Quantity, the back symmetric life expectancy, the age is. The age allows to express the variable characterizing life in constant units of measure of time.

From the point of view of mathematics, emergence of life can be considered as transition from constant units of measure (inanimate nature) to variables (wildlife).

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