New Math

New mathematics is mathematics that is base on comparatively small set of mathematical axioms. References to materials that are a new look to mathematics are collected on this page. Naturally, all these mathematical positions and rules are not confessedly, and reflect my personal look.

Natural numbers are determination - variation on a theme determination of natural numbers.

Integers determination - continuation of theme of mathematical determinations.

Transformation of trigonometric functions is a rule of direct corner - very simple rule of change of the names of trigonometric functions.

About symmetry of mathematical actions - whatever was talked by mathematicians about priority and secondaryness of mathematical actions, symmetry of mathematical actions is a fact that can be not noticed, but it is impossible to refute.

A theorem of Khyzhnjak about parallel lines - is formulation of theorem without proof.

Decision of the undecided equalizations - if to want, then deciding is possible all, if there is though some sense in written.

Bases of mathematics - under such name I wrote the cycle of reasons about mathematics, that is given below:

More deep consideration of bases of mathematics:

Why is a zero not a number?

Law of cosines for perimeter

Law of cosines in general

In 2016 I published the following works:

Measurement of plane angles ("The Papers of Independent Authors" Volume 36 of p. 43-45)

Trigonometric functions in a rectangle ("The Papers of Independent Authors" Volume 36 of p. 46-69)

Interesting questions in set theory (published on this site):